I'm doing a study on the power of Joy. It happens to be the highest frequency emotion. Your cells spin clockwise and if they are given Joy as fuel, they will work at their highest potential. I believe Joy is synonymous with Healing. Just as no disease can live in the presence of Oxygen, no disease(dis-ease) can live in the presence of Joy! So if you feed on Joy as a steady diet, you will eradicate all illness from your body. Then if you consider the fact of Romans 8:11 and connect with the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead and understand that that's Who lives inside of you, He will also quicken, or make ALIVE your earthly body... every cell of your earthly body & soul! And if you also meditate on Philippians 4:13 I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who INFUSES ME with strength (AMP) and picture that "infusion" as being a time released internal IV, you'll get an idea of what can happen if you combine it with - The Joy of the Lord is my strength! The Joy of the Lord is my HEALTH! - A continual, non-stop IV drip of Healing pumping into your body. That's why laughter has actually healed people who used it as medicine. Prov. 17:22 Got problems? Picture them resolved and the Joy will return. Think on those problems before going to sleep on night and you will magnify the problem and perpetuate it. Picture God resolving it for you and you will shape your future victory!  See PART 2 of this message on the next Blog!