Would you like to experience an Emotional CleaNSing in the privacy of your own home?

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I don't know what I would’ve done without your teaching last Monday! My husband had a heart attack and I prayed for him like I learned from you. It was like God prepared me for this event by what I learned from you! Your therapy technique works! This training is changing my life!  I love you Theresa! ~ Rebecca P., Oregon July 20, 2017

OH MY GOODNESS! I immediately listened, went to the Lord and put my hands as instructed .. the peace and healing and wholeness and unclogging was instant! Immediate!! Amazing!! Thank you for making your video available!!                                       ~ Blessings! Christine Brown♡

We had the privilege of experiencing Theresa’s wonderful ministry and we were thoroughly blessed. I received my healing within five minutes when I was suffering with severe back pain.  ~ Pastor/Evangelist/Prophetic Artist, Ray Smith

Beloved Theresa, You Are, Most Assuredly, ONE Of THE GREATEST (Spiritual + Natural) PIONEERS Of Our Contemporary X's!!!      ~ JM Ponzillo.

 SALE - Condensed Version ONLY $105!

*note: Normally this training takes several weeks and over $3,000 to learn, but now Theresa is making a Shortened condensed Version available in order to make this life changing experience available to all! SALE - ONLY $105!

ADVANCE EMOTIONAL CLEANSING                         (PART 2 Condensed training) - now ONLY $55!

This recording cuts out in the middle of a sentence due to equipment malfunction, so we are offering it for a reduced rate! However! People are raving about the powerful teaching it contains so it is life changing material, error and all! Also includes a Q&A Audio Session.

extensive training: certified & non-certified

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