I strongly commend Theresa Griffith to you as a minister of the gospel of outstandingly good character, amazingly gifted, both spiritually and artistically and to assure you you are completely safe to receive ministry from her. My wife and I have known her for many years and love and admire her.

~ Rick Hayes, The Clan Gathering, Scotland.

I had such an AMAAAAAAAAAZING session with Theresa Griffith (who is founder of SomeOne Believes In You), that my words could never do justice, but I will humbly say: That was everything a holistic massage treatment should be, addressing all levels--it was so multi-dimensional--the massage addressing the somatic needs, the custom blend aromatherapy--addressing emotional, somatic, mental and soul, the sound healing instruments she played--instantly vibrated my shoulder pain away and finally, OMG, the song, the song she wrote, my Personal Destiny song she wrote....addressing my whole life patterns... and then SANG to me...WOW, I am still blown away some 9 days after my treatment!!! Thank you Theresa Griffith for holding space, being present, addressing what needed to do be seen, what a gift you are. I am so glad to know you and so glad I booked that treatment. WOW. I listen to my Personal Destiny song and I see the positive changes I am making on a conscious and sub-conscious level, it's the treatment that keeps on giving!!! Can't wait for my next session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Words from a Happy Client: Sharmila Mali


"I will never forget this past week as long as I live. I came and was embraced in the everlasting unconditional perfect love of our papa, God. I melted in his arms and was in bliss from that day on. And I said okay, Pops, I surrender and ordain this time for you and learned I am worthy and it's okay to let go and just be. Healing took place and I felt a ton lighter and burdens lifted off. Felt true self worth for the first time. Learned to accept help and to play and to get healed in play. Hard to put into words but the key was His liquid love oozing unto me and was imparted so deep I cannot contain it and I know it will flow up and out into others too without saying a word. I learned how to weep with those who weep and just be there for them. I don't have to have all the answers, sometimes less is more. My advice to Theresa's new Mentoring Students is: take your seat belt off and jump off the cliff and get ready for the most life-changing experience of your life! Sit back, no worries, no hurries, no stress. Enjoy the smell of roses and enjoy the journey. Let go of all concern about the destination. Forever grateful and will pay it forward!"


"You have a gift for knowing how to make people feel very special and loved. God Bless"

Martha Duarte

"What is unique to me about Theresa's ministry is I've never seen such a powerful prophetic gift operate with such a high level of artistic ability. In her case it would be playing the flute and singing."

Tom Grode, Screen Writer from LA, Author of The Wild Turnip Blog, Contributor to the Trees on San Pedro Street Project

"Theresa is the most anointed musician I have ever heard!"

James (Jim) W. Goll, Author
International Director of Prayer Storm
Co-Founder of Encounters Network, Coordinator of Encounters Alliance
Director, God Encounter Training
Instructor, Wagner Leadership Institute
Member, Harvest International Ministries - Apostolic Team

"In mending the Sacred Hoop, we felt our spirits flow, like being in the healing waters of a celestial river. Theresa's music is so spiritually moving and healing. We felt an angelic presence!"

Pamela Medahko, Odawa Nation Tribal Council

"Woman! You are an anointed minstrel of the Lord. Incredible! It sounds like you've been playing since you were in the womb!"

Kent Henry, Guitarist, Song Writer, Apostolic Psalmist, Worship Leader and Trainer
Recorder and Producer 40+ songs and collaborated on 6 with Integrity's Hosanna! Music
Destiny Church & Kent Henry Ministries, St. Louis, MO, USA

"Theresa is a prophetic, loving, supernatural, healing, and has artistic skill and beauty. The gift I received in the 'Seat of Honor' gave me language to help understand deep things happening in my life and a sense of what to expect next."

Tom Grode, Screen Writer
Contributor (TreesOnSanPedroStreet Project)
Blogger (TheWildTurnip)

"Theresa was challenging us to ask God bigger things. After conference I go back to my church and pray for the sick to be healed. Many miracles happen!!"

Korean Youth Pastor
Seoul, South Korea
All Night Youth Pastor Meeting

"I want you to be blessed and encouraged that your story is continuing to bring revelation truth and healing. I just want you to know how your gift is ministering healing ... I have lived in physical pain every day for the last 12 years ...(and spasmodically before that) .... how great the pain in my back, neck and head are depends on how flared up it is on any given day ...(until recently I have 2 or 3 major flare ups a year where I have trouble getting from lying to standing and end up house-bound again.... Your ministry yesterday was like the last dot of the picture was completed so I could SEE the truth and you know so many of the things you shared ...with me personally and in general were God giving me gifts of understanding, helping me to see TRUTH. For me, our meeting was certainly a divine appointment ... from Dr. Jesus ... I sense it will be the catalyst of the healing that still needs to come... on Saturday night at the altar call I could see myself dancing free .... (I did ballet as a little girl ... and these days I step out in faith and pain ... and twirl at Worship Team a little .... but what I saw was dancing free on the mountain top without pain.... without fear) Hey thanks for listening ... thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your heart Theresa, thanks for being discerning and sensitive and picking the right CDs ... Thank you for everything ... for the weekend, so deep, so timely."

Concert Attendee, Australia

"What an incredible time with the Lord, He brought through you to us here at the healing rooms! My husband commented today on how "unintimidating" your personal ministry is and how "unorthodox" from what we've seen...so FREE and so unique through each of your personalities! The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong the minute we entered the church building...WOW! I'm so excited and so thankful to the Lord for your servant's heart to come encourage our team. May the Lord continue to release the health, the strength, and the finances you need to lift you on to the mountain tops. One last comment, the best part of your ministry is the passionate intimacy for our Bridegroom that flows from...you. I felt Jesus so.....cover me, sweep me off my feet and love on me the whole time! YAHOOOOO! Awesome! Shalom in Yeshua."

Jeff and Cindy, Attendees
Santa Maria Healing Rooms, CA

"Thank you Theresa! This time last year, my jubilee birthday, you gave me the most incredible massage, prophecy and song!!!!! It's been an amazing year, as I know the next will be. Hoping yours is too!"

Ruth Anne Clark

"Theresa Griffith and her assistant coming to Bend has come and gone but nothing the Lord deposited through this minister has that was lavished upon me generously! I have been going through a difficult season of health issues that have brought forth considerable challenges, which of course have affected my soul and spirit...............BUT God!! A number of questions/prayers have been answered after a LONG wait, confirmations given, instructions for healing body, soul and spirit were wisely and generously given through His messengers. I have homework but the healing kind. I am deeply thankful for my Lord's gift of love bringing Theresa to Bend to deliver a healing telegram to me. I am excited for my healing and all the Lord has planned through Theresa in Northern California~~what a great ministry to many who are waiting to hear and receive God's healing touch, encouragement, receive hope, enabling us to spread our wings as eagles and soar! Thank you Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!! Your love is Faithful Lord!!! And buckets of thanksgiving to Theresa and Rose."

Saundra Caron

"We have never in all our lives ever seen the kind of humility you have displayed. You have shown us how to love and we will never be the same. We are a people with five thousand years of bondage. You have brought much healing to us. You are family now."

Andrew Ho, President, Glory Crown Ent., Hong Kong


"My experience of a massage/healing session with Theresa was amazing grace! : ) Right from the first moment she touched me, and the words from the CD player started, a transformation started to take place. Family members who have transitioned came to mind, and sweet-deep healing took place. Awareness, forgiveness, gratitude came through so peacefully...it was such a wonderful way of healing... Then there's this high quality massage that Theresa was giving me, at the same time, freeing my body of past memories. Yes, totally amazing grace taking place in these sessions... Thank you dear Theresa! ~With love and respect"

Deb Tufts, CMT

"I had the pleasure of visiting Somebody Cares [Relief] yesterday and was totally pampered by Theresa. She gave me a wonderful massage treatment with her own blend of essential oils. Her "Lover of My Soul" CD was playing in the background and it was so peaceful. I was moved to tears and didn't want to leave the room! It was such a treat and I highly recommend this treatment! You will be forever changed by the atmosphere that she creates."

Faith Frankenfield

"That was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had!"

Organizer of the International Midwife Convention

"I need to share an amazing experience I had last Wednesday. My beautiful friend Theresa Griffith blessed with me with her presence. Theresa brings healing to your soul. I was not only blessed with her presence but blessed with a healing massage. Theresa prepared special oils which were prayed over after God gave her the recipe just for me. I am awed of the praying she did as she was giving me the massage and playing her harp and flute. My soul is no longer fragmented. My soul is now whole. The tears I shed were tears of healing that took place. The words that were spoken were straight from my Lord Jesus! I will never be the same. I felt breakthrough in all areas of my life! Theresa, I love you! Thank you for the experience I'm in awe! I saw so many things prophetically as you were massaging and praying. Im no longer stuck I've been set free! Playing the violin was one thing I saw and that's my passion! I also saw a race horse. I'm asking God for that interpretation! Thank you, thank you for your beautiful unconditional love. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. It's an honor to have you in my life! I love you!"

His Princess Waterfall Firefeet Cyndie Rodarte

"My massage from Theresa was a deeply healing and magical experience. Theresa is a gifted healer who puts her whole self into her massage sessions. She utilizes essential oils, custom blended to enhance the massage experience. She is dedicated to her work and integrates her singing talents into her treatments to create an overall profound healing experience. Theresa is an intuitive, natural healer. The client leaves feeling renewed on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level."

Jamie L. Roth, C.M.T., B.A. Founder and Director Ojai School of Massage

"She is a well accomplished musical vocalist, massage therapist, and humble soul. She also produces professionally many inspired musical CDs appropriate for any type of healing work. She played one of her disks as she worked on me and I felt it enhanced the healing work that flowed through her. I am also beginning to use some of her music as I do my massage work."

Jan Reason, Owner
Jan's Therapeutics Massage, Tai Chi, & Chigong
Ojai, CA

"Your Sacred Alignment Treatment is AMAZING! It felt like you’ve been massaging for twenty years! And your music is BEAUTIFUL!"

Susana Belen, Owner We Care Spa Desert Hot Springs, CA

"Just want to share that I had an amazing prophetic massage. It included flute music, the harp, and essentials oils.  I was blessed as well as my sciatic was healed. If you ever get a chance to schedule an appointment, I highly recommend it. She travels and also does beautiful healing concerts. You can order her music here."

Debra Pohlman

"Theresa, Thank you again for the marvelous massage! I am still enjoying the après massage effects & oils this morning!" [après means after in French]

Lois Petrera
AirBnB Host Tuscan Villa in the Foothills of California 
5435 Blue Oak Ranch Rd, Auburn, CA
Community Garden Network of Placer County

"I would like to express my appreciation for the spiritual therapeutic massage treatment my wife and I received this week. Theresa was able to speak life and destiny over us throughout the entire massage session. She is highly gifted! My favorite part was when the harp was placed over me. I not only heard, but felt every sound. This was an experience that has shifted things in my spirit and brought me into alignment with God's plan for my life as she confirmed many things. I highly recommend booking an appointment. Thanks again Theresa."

"I am writing to let you know that my treatment with you helped to eliminate a specific, small and dull pain that was to the immediate left side of my spine at hip level. This pain showed up unexpectedly a few weeks prior to treatment and was consistent. What a wonderful surprise for the pain to dissolve into nothingness. Thank you."

A. M. - California

"You gave my daughter one of your Emotional Release/Personal Destiny Massages and the result was life-changing for her! She had severe emotional difficulty but after the session her therapist took her off Lithium. She is radically changed!"

Anonymous, California

"I would highly recommend this! I went through this and I feel 20 years younger now! I just have to remember to do the stretching. I am always busy so finding time to take care of myself usually came last. I put my family first then if there is time, take care of me. I can't believe how great my back feels! I can't thank you enough!! I have been doing a lot of yard work and my back is still doing great even after 12 days! I have a enflamed nerve on my head and she made a blend of essential oils to apply to the area. First time I used it as soon as I applied the oil the pain went away immediately! Thanks again!!!"


"Melody comes through your hands! Your treatment is MAGNIFICENT!  You are not a massage therapist, you are a Healer using massage strokes! Oh the gift of God through you is beyond words! A few days ago I encountered a most delightfully transforming experience when I received an excellent healing Swedish massage from Theresa Griffith. She invited me into to her enchanted space, played a celestial melody on her Bass Flute, first to the left ear then the right, and I begin to feel the hemispheres of my brain adjust and synchronize in a very peaceful way. Theresa then used therapeutic grade essential oils in a Raindrop technique on my back. She proceeded to blend the delicious aromas using my skin as her palate ~ a very lovely moment! I did indeed feel hydrated through every dermal level. Then a chemical shifting with each nostril of breath began to occur as the fragrances entered both through the skin and the olfactory sense. I could feel myself expanding safely into another reality. A very calm palace with a throne centered in well being, wholeness, even Holiness ~ indeed a nice place to just BE. The massage itself incorporated not just sweetish strokes but countless spirals and circles. Toward the end of the massage Theresa sang a beautiful blessing over me tailored to my personal needs and spiritual journey. She is a well accomplished musical vocalist, massage therapist, and humble soul. She also produces professionally many inspired musical CD's appropriate for any type of healing work. She played one of her disks as she worked on me and I felt it enhanced the healing work that flowed through her. I am also beginning to use some of her music as I do my massage work. My experience was the Divine source of healing working through this gentle women for me in miraculous ways. I am very grateful to the Source of Great Health for the gift of this healing. Some of those ways experienced in this enchanted room with Theresa are yet unfolding. I personally have been doing therapeutic massage work for 39 years, I feel Theresa’s gifts are quite authentically unique and worth while."

Jan Reason, Owner Jan's Therapeutics Massage, Tai Chi, & Chigong Ojai, CA


"I just wanted to say thank you Theresa for being so amazing and giving your gift to me. My life has not been the same. Since the day that we began working together my life has shifted, as you say, taking a QUANTUM LEAP! I began experiencing a variety of healing in every area of my life and began to experience an intimacy and connection with God unlike any other time in my life. The miracles are too many to count and very profound. I began seeing myself walking in greater and greater clarity, connection with people and I began walking in amazing peace with my soul. I thank you so much for your contribution to my life and I thank God for the profound shifting that has continued in my life. You are very Angelic and I am deeply honored that we met..I want to also thank God for Hunter Boon who introduced us to one another. I am deeply grateful! Looking forward to seeing more Miracles!!" 

Leineyda Abinante (LA, CA)

"After experiencing Theresa's healing music I booked a mentoring session with Theresa which was life changing. I was so impacted I moved to Oregon where Theresa was based at the time and I became involved with the ministry. Whether it was accompanying Theresa musically at concerts or helping in other areas, I saw people touched, healed, empowered, set free and given hope. I have also been able to experience one of Theresa's unique massage treatments which was restorative to me on body, soul and spirit levels. The treatment also gave me clarity and freedom. I can say Theresa Griffith and Somebody Cares Relief are the real deal. They bring people relief and healing. With the current opportunity to purchase a ranch property, many more people can be helped than ever before. If you can donate to this worthy cause, please do so.  The money must be raised in the next week."

Joanne Dusatko, Guitar Artist

"We have been connected with Theresa's ministry for over six years now. We found her while searching for some good soaking music and were supernaturally drawn to her music. Just felt we needed to check out her CDs. Her music is like music from Heaven itself...she prophetically plays her flutes and sings as Adonai leads. It is as when David played his harp for Saul....Her music has brought us healing and comfort when we've needed it. Her prophetic words are spot on. Kimberly Milligan and I have always felt led to ministry of Restoration. There are so many out there who are hurting, who have been hurt or offended by the Church or Ministry or other things. Theresa and her ministry cares and has provided much needed relief to believers all over the world. We have long seen the need for places of restoration, places where those hurting could go to get refilled, restored and revitalized as well as healed. We have dreamed of building such a place...Theresa is doing that now."

William "Doc" Milligan

"If you can relax and let go then this is a place for you to connect with the Spirit and dance with the Angels. Theresa's skilled hands, magical touch, qualifying notes, and melodic melodies bring a healing and transmutation that if you are relaxing can take you to different levels and places of healing you've never been before."

Kellie J. Wright, Host, L.A. Talk Radio & Internal Narcissus Radio

"Hello Theresa! Good to see you and see you happy. I just wanted to say "Thank You" so much for the CD that you made me in December 2010. I listened to it over and over again and guess what?  I am seeing things coming to pass and still unfolding. One of the things you said, is that I would write a book. When I listened to it then, I thought "Me writing a book" and guess what? 3.5 years later I wrote a book "Out Of The Cookie Into The Fortune" and you said it's not only one and several books.  I have already had the outline for 2nd book which I will write after the holidays or sooner.  Been so busy this year again. I want to say thank you and you are right on. I still listen to it and play it before I sleep. You didn't know my situation but you said what I have gone through, I needed a message from the King.  He has exposed my writing.  My blog is read in 48 countries, 6 continents without me advertising it.  God has exposed it!"

Susy Pujiro

"Thank you SO MUCH, Theresa! It was INCREDIBLE! My experience in the Seat of Honor was beautiful and exciting. You are amazing and POWERFUL. I LOVE the 'Bliss' CD that I bought. WOW!"

Karen Covell, Television Producer
Founding Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN)
Co-Founder / Co-Producer of JC Productions (Independent TV/Music)
Co-Founder of Kino Women International (KIWI) and
Booking Producer for the American Heart Association, the American Lung Cancer Association and World Vision International

"I have witnessed this CD bring healing to many leaders in the nations."

Arron McKenzie
Founder of Restore Trust International, and
Vice President, His Glory To the Nations (website)
The Prophets Tent - Santa Monica, CA
International Prophetic Healing Ministry
Mission areas include: USA, UK, Scotland, Romania, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Israel

"I couldn't hear my right ear. When I saw you invite people to Seat Of Honor, I pray to God that I desire to be there and than you invite me and I receive much blessing from you prayer and music. The biggest one is I can hear after your prayer and music. I got healed!!! Thank you so much!"

Pastor Bang
Seoul, South Korea
All Night Youth Pastor Meeting

"I have not been able to stop talking about being with you on Friday to anyone who will listen. ...I wanted you to know that the word about my liver and kidneys was totally right on. I had just been for treatment that morning because of weakness/toxicity in those exact places.  Glory to God!!!!! I think the treatment in the morning helped, but I KNOW that God has brought healing there now through your ministering, because I could feel the difference. The sensation of tenderness and dull aching and swelling in the liver is gone! And I feel that the urinary system is functioning better as well. ...Among the four of us who came together, we bought the whole set of CDs. What a blessing. Lastly, I wanted to thank you for the healing blessing that my friends in Palmer, Alaska, at Crossroads (Oasis) got when you were there. They all received powerful healings. I am grateful for the inspiration of your lives; you are living testimonies of our God's great goodness and the merciful grace of Jesus."

San Francisco Concert Attendee

"Theresa's concert was a smash hit and she is dearly loved in France. Her message of love was received with blessing and it was a delight to see."

Jennifer Armand-Delille, Language Translator
Paris, France

There is a beauty and passion in Theresa's music that reaches deep into the soul causing the spirit to leap with fresh hope.

Vanessa Cottam, Performing Arts
Sydney, Australia

Your music has brought such deep healing to the Chinese people.

Andrew Ho, Music Distributor
Honk Kong

"The hottest thing out there in massage therapy music today."

Jeff Schmidt, Editor
Massage Magazine

"We just received the special Autism CD you did for our daughter Joy. I put it into her CD player in her bedroom she started to sing to it then signed for me to leave her alone. She calmly sat on her bed and  peacefully rocked to the heavenly sounds. I watched her via the key hole in her door and she absolutely loves it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift Theresa!"

Satisfied Parent

"I play your music every day at nap time, music time and self expression times.  The other day one of my students, a very bright, three year old boy said “Teacher, will you tell that flute lady on that CD, I love her playing? It makes me feel better.”  He gets upset if I forget your Bliss CD. I was out sick this past Monday.  He was in tears saying “They forgot to play the CD for us!”

Teacher from Oklahoma

"Just wanted to add my comments on the "therapeutic effects" of your music. We have had a 3 yr old from an abusive family situation staying with us this past week.  This little one had intense anger and defiance issues when she arrived last Friday and her mother said she has nightmares every night and throws up often.  Every night wee put her to bed with the same routine: stories, pray God's blessing while playing one of your CDs. She falls asleep peacefully with your music and hasn't had one nightmare and only one slight throw-up incident all week. Besides that the level of peace and restfulness in her behavior has increased."

Bob in Massachusetts

"My autistic 20 year old daughter just informed me that she didn't wake up one time last night after using your Utopia CD to go to sleep. I let her borrow it because she is always getting up during the night, which wakes me up. She specifically asked to borrow it. She never does things like that!  She has hardly ever slept through the night in her entire life!  So thank you!!!"


"I'd really been struggling with test anxiety lately, so, I was  wondered if Theresa's CDs would help me focus. I asked my teacher for permission to use a portable cd player in class while taking my quizzes, and omg it worked!  I went from near failing every quiz/test to getting 90-100!   Just made a 99 on my 4 page test last week because of it.   Thanks Again!"


"I use your music in my classroom for reading and nap time with my children with Autism and ADHD and  LOVE IT! It has the effect of a warm blanket bringing such a beautiful  sense of calm to everyone. Thanks!"

PG in Michigan

"Oh this is so sweet.  Thank you. I have been so blessed by you and your music. It has restored my broken heart many many times. It restores peace and hope and joy. It touches me deep within like no other. It is the hand of God adjusting things and aligning people to His wholeness again. So thank you, Theresa!"

- Roberta Gleason Wodke

"Hello, wanted to tell you how blessed I've been, listening to Bliss.  I sometimes put it on before praying.  There have been times when Christ is so close, I feel I might trip over Him. God Bless!!!!!!!"

Steven Pettengill

"Wow! Absolutely Amazing encounter of peace love and joy from the Lord. Relaxing into the arms of Jesus and letting go of all that steals your peace. Listening to the music of Heaven as Theresa plays the flute. Then having the intimacy of the Lord sing over you. Freedom, Healing, Truth and Love come and touch your mind, body, spirit and soul. Thanks Theresa. You are such a Blessing. I highly recommend her prophetic messages. They are one of a kind! Unbelievable!"

Maureen Schleppenbach

"I've been ministering to a young girl--suicidal--many health problems--gave her "My Healing Place" CD. She listens to this every night--only way she can sleep."

L. B., Michigan.

"Oh Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for Naomi's CD! It is wonderful, and beautiful and awesome! We are weeping with such joy, comfort and excitement. And you sent presents too! Thank you!"

Grandma Patti
Song for Birthing of Grand Baby

"[I] have to tell you all.  Having such a gift of playing Theresa Griffith's CDs on the computer all night long in a hospital room is so wonderful. It is so soothing, anointed and powerful. It can be played in massage sessions, for newborns, or just to pause to refresh relax."

Debbie Nichols Edwards

"I listen to the music every night and all during the day on my ipod. My blood pressure was around 140/100 and now it's been 120/78 for a week now! Thank again."

Sherry, Houston, TX

"Her music is healing and truly touches the heart and soul of those fortunate enough to hear it."

Marilyn Ottum, RN, Coordinator WI State AHNA Conference

"Utopia is an exceptionally beautiful relaxation CD. It has been my highest seller!" 

Gene Elliot, LMT, Owner "Calming Influence" Body Care Shop, Memphi

"Theresa's music speaks right into the soul. It comforts, soothes, caresses, yet is at the same time, uplifting and enlivening. These attributes are even more noticeable at a live performance."

Lyn Holmes, London

"There is a beauty and passion in Theresa's music that reaches deep into the soul of the listener causing the spirit to leap with fresh hope and inspiration." - 

Vanessa Cottam, Performaing Arts Teacher, Sydney, Australia

"Griffith refers to herself as a "heart massage therapist" and I can see why. There is so much wonderful music out there, but I would definitely take the time to seek out this work." 

Rick Coates, Healing Garden Journal

"Gentle and lifting, flowering over me like a refreshing stream. It moves not only myself but my clientele as well."

Maryann Kosinski, CTM, Instructor Cottonwood School of Massage Therapy

"Theresa's concert was a smash hit and she is dearly loved in France." 

Jenifer Armand-Delille, Paris

"Awesome concert...awesome message! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and love...and beautiful music. It was very special.

Martha Duarte, Michigan


"Theresa’s caring, comforting touch, coupled with her intuitive abilities to know what the client needs along with the essential oils and her healing voice results in a incredibly blissful, therapeutic session."

Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI, CRHC

"When I was in Michigan recently I had the privilege to experience one of Theresa Griffith's multi-faceted massages which include sound, song, essential oils and healing touch. This amazing massage was special for so many reasons. What a joy it was to have Theresa's strokes feel like she was dancing with my body, not punishing it or working against it. When she would make a certain motion on various parts of my body, I could feel a flow of alignment. When she pulled outward on my toes, I had the sense that negative emotions were leaving my body. As she placed her harp against my feet and played it. I could feel the vibrations go through my entire skeleton and I knew something very right was happening. She walked around my body after stroking the harp and it was as if the sound made a visual circle around me of healing. When she sang at the end, my spirit drank in her words. Her song removed lies, spoke truth and affirmed who I am and what I am created to do. She gave me a clearer perspective of my destiny and hope for my future. I highly recommend this experience to anyone as it is beneficial on so many levels. Thank you Theresa!"

Joanne Dusatko, Musician

"Had the most relaxing day with Theresa Griffith at the Somebody Cares [Relief] R&R Station. Her hospitality is off the charts. Theresa's culinary dishes are mouth watering and healthy. She utilizes the best local organic produce available here in California. Theresa's massages relaxed my weary and stress ridden body. She played her soothing music during the massage. It was like having a double treatment. The essential oils she uses are invigorating and impacting. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I felt nurtured, loved on, appreciated, and flat out spoiled. I wanted to share my experience with others because I know so many people can benefit from Theresa's rejuvenation center. I can't recommend her enough. Check out Theresa's R&R Station & Soothing Music. Sometimes you just need to know [that] somebody cares."

Cathy Arkle from California
Check out the awesome video of Theresa's R&R Station on Vimeo

"OHH - MM - GEE!! Warriors!! I asked God for a WORD for my PAIN and God answered BIGTIME!! I was so wonderfully blessed with a Theresa Griffith treatment. All cracks in my armor were repaired and restored! I was seriously ministered to mind body and soul! I was first serenaded by one of her flutes and my body became soaked with peace and it felt like I can hear a Cotton bowl fall in the spirit. Prior she had asked what my physical symptoms were and she and Rose created a custom batch of oils which she used [for] Rain Drop therapy on my back, Wow! A very professional massage which she calls heavenly strokes which really is an understatement! Then! She lovingly exposed the lies of the enemy over my life and with kind and great precision removed them! And then not leaving me raw, she sang a song of my Lord over me that echoed into the deepest chambers of my soul. It was deep inner healing validational with an apostolic anointing that she sealed this two hour encounter. Only someone with heavy clout and authority can flow with this kind of empowerment! Personally it was worth every penny and worth the drive. If you want break thru and freedom and healing, look no further, I guarantee you, you will not be the same, EVER! It will thrust you into your new season warrior!! Theresa, you're amazing! ...What a Holy Ghost deal!!! So ask God for a Word for your pain and make an appointment and invest in yourself! Everyone that I have referred has had a life changing experience.  It would be a great gift for yourself and those who need breakthrough!  You will never be the same.  It's a guaranteed God encounter! Go get pampered mind body soul!!"

Prince Mando Rodarte, Founder
Kingly Anointing Oils
Rosemead, CA

"During my last session with you I had a great time thru your therapy and the oil application. The whole experience is something I can recommend to anyone who wants to experience a spiritual breakthrough. Your music, the oils, the massage, the love of God you showed  -such pure love (no hidden agendas), the prayer and declarations… it was awesome!!! I had visions, feelings, emotions… in a vision I saw an eagle flying to a high place and from there I saw how the eagle was seeing the landscape… I could feel the wind blowing thru the eagle’s wings and I also “felt” when it landed on a tree branch to watch attentively…. It was a refreshing experience. Thank you Theresa, I thank God for you!"

Armando Lara