testimonial from steve & derene shultz!

Derene and I have known Theresa Griffith for many years and we love her heart and ministry. God has given her some really unique and beautiful tools that bring healing. If you're looking to receive the refreshing of a lifetime, or want to learn the ground breaking revelation God has given her, sign up for her training today!                

Now is the time to walk in your full Kingdom Birthright that Jesus sacrificed His life for.

1. Become a Chaplain
2. Become Ordained
3. Get Certified to do this anointed ministry
4. Have an immediate income
5. See continual miracle transformations! 6. Join Someone Believes In You and be our satellite office in your state!



Options: Group or On Your Own

Dates: CLASSES - Only 1 night a week FOR 6 WEEKS - Start anytime!

Theme: Emotional Cleansing Training for Kingdom Accessing

Instructor: Theresa Griffith

Fee: $999

*** EARLY BIRD PRICE: Pay by May 1st and get $100 OFF! ***

***MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN! - $200 Per Month for 5 months. CONTACT US TODAY!

Phone Registration: (805) 394-8968

Can’t afford the training? Consider booking an Emotional Cleansing Session for yourself HERE.

CLASS CURRICULUM (full program)

1. Theophostic - Greek for “God’s Light” - asking the Holy Spirit to shine

His light on the lie they believe and then replace it with the Truth that sets

them free.

2. Elijah House Foundational Concepts

Judging & Sowing & Reaping

3. Prophetic Readings

Eyes - the gateway of the soul.

Listening Prayer

Visions & Dreams

4. Emotional Release through Laying on of Hands - scientifically releasing negative emotions from

various areas of the body paves the way for physical healing.

5. Music recorded at 55bpm, which lowers the heart rate & blood

pressure and causes the brain to come into Theta state for optimal emotional

& physical healing to occur.

6. DID Training(Dissociative Identity Disorder) - working with fractured parts of

the soul that split off during childhood trauma.

8. Emotional Roots to Physical Illness

9. Physical Health Referrals & Materials

10. Safe Burden Bearing

11. Red Tape Technicalities: To be protected legally.

Licensing - Life Coaching? Health Coaching?

Ordination - You need this to be able to “lay hands on” your clients.


LIVE, Online & Phone Sessions

Health Forms, Disclaimers & Contracts

Fee’s - Free Lance & Sole Proprietor

**Emotional Cleansing Group Training is a therapeutic service only and is not intended to diagnose or treat. Theresa Griffith and the staff of Someone Believes In You do not claim our Emotional Cleansing method can cure, or prevent any disease.