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We teach people how to fly!

testimonial from steve & derene shultz!

Derene and I have known Theresa Griffith for many years and we love her heart and ministry. God has given her some really unique and beautiful tools that bring healing. If you're looking to receive the refreshing of a lifetime, or want to learn the ground breaking revelation God has      given her, sign up for her tRAINing today!                


Super Human Master class - $12.12 per Mo.  

To enroll please sign up for auto payments through or directly through your bank using our email address:

Someone believes in you  644 Vine St. oak view, ca 93022     


To enroll please sign up for auto payments through or directly through your bank using our email address:

Someone believes in you  644 Vine St. oak view, ca 93022  

HAVE QUESTIONS? CALL (805) 394-8968




1. Certified training (ONSITE ONLY)                                                             CALL TO BOOK NOW! (805) 394-8968

1-2 weeks depending on which therapy you choose. 

2. Long Distance training (NON-CERTIFIED TRAINING)                              CALL TO BOOK NOW! (805) 394-8968

For those who cannot travel to our onsite location or don't have the finances for the certificated training.

3. Short Intensive training (download)

And hour and a half of jam packed knowledge to help the entire family. This is for people wanting to do their own healing work.

4. Seminars (onsite)

A day long training for churches or organizations who want to train their intercessors, prayer teams or entire church leadership.

5. The Life Hug (Free training)

For couples, friends and families. This is like going to a naturopath and getting an IV of the best nutrients, pure oxygen and dynamite power you could possibly imagine within a five minute hug. It incorporates balancing the spinal fluid while seeing into the spirit realm and watching the Spirit that it will also quicken (MAKE ALIVE) every cell of our earthly bodies! Whey doesn't it? Because it bumps into the lies we've believed since childhood that have embedded themselves into those cells. Once you pull out the lie and replace it with the Truth - it sets you FREE! So free, that you can reverse the aging process and STOP death in your body altogether! I've been given the download to reverse the aging process so keep your eye out for that teaching! COMING SOON! *** NOTE: The Hug should be heart to heart positionfor optimal power. I just had to do it this way for the camera.***


Note: Some of these requirements can be waived if you’ve had similar training and some of it can be done by Skype instead of onsite which greatly reduces the costs.


CALL TO BOOK NOW! (805) 394-8YOU (8968)

The Onsite Training Week is $3555. If you need to do it in two payments, you are welcome to do that by phone. The first payment is due when you book your week in order to reserve your dates. The second payment is due within 30 days after your week.

During your week you will receive as many Emotional Clearings as needed to clear out anything that would hinder you from seeing life from Yeshua’s perspective. You also need to be free in order to do this work because you cannot impart what you don’t have.  During your stay you will be doing a session on Theresa. This will determine if you go on to the next level.


There are 5 teachings, so you start with the two below and then let me know when you’re ready for another one.






 About 3 months. (Once you graduate from Training Week)  You’ll need 3 friends who will be your demo’s. Each person will get two treatments. Each Skype Session is about an hour long and is $55. You pay the fee, not your client. Theresa will overseeing and observing your demo’s.



If you pass(and you most likely WILL!), you will get your Certificate soon after.


5. If you are not a Massage Therapist you will need to become ordained. We are looking into a way to provide that for you as well. This is because you will be touching people’s bodies and you need a legal clause to allow for that. We will be calling the part that involves touch - Laying on of Hands/Anointing the Spinal Fluid.



This is a method that God downloaded to me as a companion treatment to the Personal Destiny Treatment. It’s like Step 2 and I encourage people to get at least 3 treatments. I personally have pulled about 15 lies out of myself and each time had an amazing breakthrough which included losing whatever physical issue was involved. 


1. Theophostic(Like Sozo) - Greek for “God’s Light” - asking the Holy Spirit to shine His light on the lie they believe and then replace it with the Truth that sets them free.

2. Elijah House Foundational Concepts

3. Prophetic Readings - I read the eyes, the gateway of the soul.

4. Emotional Release through Craniosacral - Between the Cranium (skull) and sacrum, or tailbone is where the Spinal Fluid nourishes the body. As we balance the flow it releases negative emotion and brings healing.

5. Music recorded at 55bpm, which lowers the heart rate & blood pressure and causes the brain to come into Theata state for optimal emotional & physical healing to occur.

6. DID Training(Dissociative Identity Disorder) - working with “little ones” that fractured off during childhood trauma. Most people who experienced excess trauma during childhood have at least one little one. I do. She does really well as long as I keep my life balanced between work and renewing and restore myself through nurture. (art, walks, shopping, fun, etc) These little ones come in because the child believes a lie. If the lie is pulled and the Truth sets them free, after a time the little one will graduate and become part of the person again.

7. Prophetic Prayer - visions that support the Truth God gave them.

8. Emotional Roots to Physical Illness

9. Physical Health Referrals & Materials

10. Safe Burden Bearing

11. Red Tape Technicalities: (Staying Legal) 


Licensing - Life Coaching? Health Coaching?

Ordination - You need this to be able to “lay hands on” your clients. 

Long Distance Disclaimer/Waiver Form

Health Forms, Disclaimers & Contracts

Fee’s - Free Lance & Sole Proprietor 


Results from this Method, both Onsite and Skype


Brain Damage healed in one session

Partial Blindness healed in one session

MS healed in one session

Frozen Shoulder healed in one session

Breast Cancer healed with tumor passing through the colon -  one session

Migraines - one session

Near Sightedness - one session

Sciatica - one session

Whiplash - one session

Depression -  3 sessions

High Blood Pressure - 2 sessions

Mental Illness - huge improvement in one session

Actors Feeling Stuck, not getting parts or call backs - 3 sessions

Low Self Esteem - 2 sessions

Pain, Stress and many more!


Just to give you an idea about this kind of training, I recently got trained for Life Coaching.

It was a two week class out of town and cost was $3,000. Lodging and food were additional and

this was just for life coaching, not a life changing treatment with seven different elements of study

CALL TO BOOK NOW! (805) 394-8YOU (8968)