About Theresa

Anyone who has not experienced one of Theresa Griffith's concerts is in for a rich adventure. Her presentations are definitely not run of the mill and probably unlike anything you have ever seen before. The use of specialty flutes, vocal, and teaching are combined to stimulate the senses and refresh the spirit. Her goody bag of flutes consists of with many unique instruments from all over the world.

Of her flute playing, Pam Adams of the National Flute Association once said that she possesses techniques that are of the best in the world.

Marilyn Ottum, an RN and Coordinator of the Wisconsin State AHNA Conference once said "Her music is so healing and truly touches the heart and soul of those fortunate enough to hear it."

Robert Adams of the Dallas Opera said that she is as good a vocalist as anyone on the radio today.

Her music has spanned the U.S. and over 50 different countries. Both CBS and NBC affiliates have done stories on it, not only because of the amazing success it has had, but also because of its wide range of popularity.

It is in high demand by massage therapists and a host of other health professionals who use it for such purposes as, pain and stress management, birthing and Hospice, as well as for A.D.D. and autistic children and as "brain compatible" music in the public schools. Her music has a wide audience appeal because most everyone is interested in soothing anti-stress music, and these recordings are sixty minutes of pure peace!

It's no wonder Theresa calls herself a "Heart Massage Therapist." People often go through profound inner healings and even physical healings during their "musical massage", and even though the focus of her program is healing as opposed to entertainment, the entertainment factor still remains.

After performing at the International Midwife Convention in Traverse City, Michigan. One of the leaders said, "That was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had!"

With over 30 years experience in television, radio and live concert performances, it's easy to see why so many people are talking about the music of Theresa Griffith.

30 Year History


1980  AA Degree with a Music Major Degree - Muskegon, Michigan
Mid '90's:  Elijah House & Theophostic Counseling Training

Recent Training

Art Therapy Training - Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Corvallis, Oregon
Creative Writing
Screen Writing
CPR & Emergency First Aid
Massage Therapy CMT


(Double Training on All the following)
Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment
Vibrational Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment
Healing Oils of the Bible
Essential Oil Chemistry
Applied Vitaflex with Oils
Emotional Release with Essential Oils
Autism Education Training


1976 - 2015 Healing Concerts in 12 Countries

Reported Healings 

Cancer, Fibromyalgia, tumors disappeared, Deafness, Ringing in Ears, 1 Wheelchair bound woman got up and ran, One walker assisted woman, Migraines, Sciatica, Autistic Improved, Insomnia, Depression, Broken Wrist Healed instantly, and many more, plus innumerable inner healings and transformations.

Do you have a reported healing you would like to share? Contact us and let us know today!