SomeOne Believes in You established 30 years ago by Theresa Griffith, exists for the purpose of bringing relief to those who suffer in any capacity. Mentored by Lance Wallnau and John Paul Jackson, Theresa brings relief in a variety of ways including healing concerts, recorded music, destiny massage, and inner healing. In May 2008, she was a featured guest of It's Supernatural with Sid Roth and her Bliss CD was the highest selling product in the history of the show. David Van Koevering and James Goll have also highly endorsed her. 

SomeOne Believes in You ministers to people, both locally and abroad, suffering from the effects of chronic pain, fatigue, illness, abuse, injustice, loss, grief, depression, and PTSD, as well as families affected by Autism. The multi-faceted therapies of SomeOne Believes in You Relief are impacting lives as seen by the many client testimonials

Because of the incredible impact Theresa's work is having in people's lives, she is now concentrating on multiplying herself by training people all over the world to do this amazing work. Our new center will be a hub of education

The values of SomeOne Believes in You are reflected as they work towards a lean, green footprint promoting recycling, renewable energy sources, and sustainable practices. In 2009, while located in Northern California, National Geographic approached the ministry and stated it was the best sustainable business in El Dorado County. Through the Tall Poppy Ranch, we plan to bring this same business model to Southern California.


Theresa Griffith has great vision for The Tall Poppy Ranch near Ventura County, California.  Seeking partners for every facet of development, acquisition, funding and operations, she has formed a team of experts to guide her each step of the way.

Only $200,000 needed to supply the down payment! Once we purchase it, our mortgage will be the same as our current rental!

Imagine the training and healing that can occur on the top of a mountain! Rincon Mountain has the feel of being secluded while only being 10 minutes from downtown Carpinteria and 20 minutes from Santa Barbara. The views from the multiple decks and terraces are breathtaking! 

This is a 20 acre Organic Garden of Eden Paradise of 200+ avocado trees, 100+ fruit bearing trees and endless flowers and herbs! Your Sanctuary, with glorious expansive mountain views, gives you Health Assurance. There are over 3 miles of walking trails, 3 tiny homes for offices and several Ag buildings.

THE RANCH (20 acres of the best soil in the world. All for $800,000!!! With an incredible view!)

Rare, exquisite  Flowers

Take a look at the Fruit Trees!  (* you may want to mute the music*)



The Road to the Ranch

When we began having dreams about the ranch back around 2012 up to this present time, all we knew was that God was going to give us a ranch where we could grow food, have a small orchard to be able to donate to those in need and be able to invite the broken-hearted to come and receive restoration. We have searched diligently for that ranch, not knowing exactly what it looked like. We pursued several properties that appeared to fit the description, but those properties were sold. However, this has not moved us from our faith for this ranch.  We believe if they were the one, they would not have sold.  Our present search takes us to a property we call “Paradise.”  I am brought to tears every time I think of it! We want toso make an offer as soon as possible because there are other people interested in it!

As a funding partner, YOUR contributions to The Tall Poppy Ranch fundraising campaign of SomeOne Believes in You will not only afford this ministry to continue blessing millions around the world, but to enter the next chapter where intensive training and services are delivered onsite to be able to spread Theresa's ground breaking teaching to as many as possible. One of the many fruits of this ministry is helping people discover, recover, hold onto and fulfill their personal destiny.  Your gifts multiply for generations as this ministry passionately pursues all options that will allow us to make the biggest difference in the world.

 Please consider making a monthly pledge to help us bring transformation to a wounded world!

We want to bless you in return for locking arms with us in this momentous giving exchange when we reach our goal!

$35 or more – Download for How To Access the Kingdom (the revelation that radically changed my life!)
$50 or more – 2 Free CDs or DVDs of your choice
$300 or more – A Free Personal Destiny Massage Treatment
$500 or more – A Free Personal Destiny Treatment plus an Emotional Cleansing Session
$5,000 or more – A Free Restoration Weekend at the ranch, complete with all of the above gifts and one of Our Gourmet Artisan Gift Baskets

Level 2 Donations:

The Following Donations constitute one acres of land! Everyone who donates an acre will receive the following:

$20,000 or more – Land Namesake, A Free Restoration Week, complete with all of level 1 gifts.

$50,000 or more – Land Namesake, A Free Restoration Week, plus a Professionally Recorded Destiny Song and all of level 1 gifts.

$500,000 or more – Land Namesake, All of Level 1 gifts. plus a one week Restoration stay each year for the rest of your life.

$1,000,000 or more – Ranch Namesake, All of Level 1 gifts. plus a one week Restoration stay each year for the rest of your life.  Contact Us for Details

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