Theresa Griffith sings a personal destiny song to each of you. Partner with us in this amazing journey by donating today at

I had the most relaxing day with Theresa Griffith at the SomeOne Believes in You Relief R&R Station. Her hospitality is off the charts. Theresa's culinary dishes are mouthwatering and healthy. She utilizes the best local organic produce available here in California. Theresa's massages relaxed my weary and stress ridden body. She played her soothing music during the massage. It was like having a double treatment. The essential oils she uses are invigorating and impacting. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I felt nurtured, loved on, appreciated, and flat out spoiled. I wanted to share my experience with others because I know so many people can benefit from Theresa's rejuvenation center. I can't recommend her enough. Check out Theresa's R&R Station & soothing music at Sometimes you just need to know... somebody cares. Music used with permission from Theresa Griffith.

When you are getting ready to walk into the days of your full destiny you must walk through the desert to get there. If you can endure the contradiction, you can lay hold of your destiny. If you complain and get bitter about the hardness of the journey.... probably not.

KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE! ~ To purchase of the former home of Scott Bakula, the Quantum Leap Actor for the SomeOne Believes in You Relief  Center of hope and healing. After four deadline reprieves, the clock runs out on this beautiful dream on FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT! KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE BY CARING! SHARING!

This was a LIVE fundraising event where Theresa Griffith played & sang the description of what SomeOne Believes in You Relief will do at our Restoration Ranch. The listing agent caught it on an iPhone! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! LAST DAY TO DONATE: WED. JUNE 17 DONATE HERE:

Theresa Griffith brings you on a detailed tour of the future home of the Tall Poppy Ranch. She shares the beauty and the vision for each room and section of the property. Partner with us in this amazing journey by donating today at

Theresa plays a spontanious song over the property on the double penny whistle. Also a special message regarding Theresa's journey from tragedy to triumph. Partner with us in this amazing journey by donating today at Join Theresa on her Facebook page:

While taking my prayer walk on the property of the new Restoration Ranch I found a marker that paid tribute to and confirmed the original owner of the home that told revealed the listing agent that very morning. We are blown away at God's providence! Please help us make this divine dream a reality.

Did you ever have a dream that felt so real that you didn't know if you were awake or still dreaming. Well that is what is happening! After having dreams of The Ranch for three years, we are now standing on the property in awe of what is happening.