My favorite time to pray is at night - usually, for hours! It's been "my thing" for over 30 years. I like to pray morning and night, but my demanding schedule has been bumping the morning time out for a while. This morning God's presence came over me so strong while I was making coffee that I broke into tears and had trouble standing upright. I heard Him say, Please don't go to the computer! I like to "make love(spiritual intimacy)" in the MORNING!
    Once I got settled into His arms He downloaded a radical concept to me that is a MAJOR KEY to the breakthrough I need and maybe you as well. It's a key to the delay of the Restoration we've been expecting! After all, He’s ALWAYS waiting on us! He said He’s already given us ALL THINGS that pertain to life, right? ... and because the Lord is my Shepherd I DON’T HAVE ANY NEED. (There is no spoon - if you know the Matrix movie). There IS no lack, or problem! It’s already been taken care of in the REAL WORLD.
So how do we live inside the REAL WORLD?Here's what He told me this morning, It's not just "good" to start your day in prayer; not just optimal even... it's VITAL! Here's why: Engaging your mind with the Phone/Computer/Internet - FAKE WORLD first thing sets your day to be EARTHLY! You have to Hem the earthly/carnal mind in on BOTH ENDS of your day in order to break through into the Real World where anything is possible; Where the next level of your destiny awaits you and enables you to lay hold of the promises that have already been sent to you.
    Science has proven that our brains need us to shut down all visual digital input through TV/Internet/Phone by 8pm in order to get undisturbed REM sleep. I've also found it to provide optimal dream recall. But now God is telling me, it's not just optimal, it's VITAL in order to live inside the Kingdom full time!
Plugging In to the Kingdom first thing in the morning sets the stage for success and highest navigation of life, and Unplugging from the Matrix Digital FAKE WORLD as early as possible in the evening allows you to get De-Programed, Re-Aligned and Re-Programed during the night and ready to win the next day.
Things are changing rapidly in technology, but in the past we were advised to turn off computers at night so they could reboot, defrag and re-order so they would work optimally. Our bodies are much like those computers and they don’t change with technology. The fact is we’ve been perishing for lack of the knowledge that our “internal triune computers” need to de-frag & re-boot at night. We are a three part being - Body, Soul & Spirit and each part needs to be aligned with the other parts in order to be healthy, strong and free, not to mention being able to “See & Perceive Spiritually.”

Re-Alignment is the whole reason for sleep!
When we sleep, our body, soul and spirit try to align, but they cannot if the body is hanging onto unresolved trauma from childhood in it’s cellular memory. They do the best they can, but illness results when emotional issues are not de-fragged and deleted from the system. The soul doesn’t even want to align with the spirit, especially if it has been allowed to rule all day long with negative emotions, human reasoning and logic based decisions. Then add to all that, meditating on upsetting situations and allowing negative emotions to penetrate your mind just before falling asleep and you have just given your triune being no fuel to use for healthy re-alignment! In fact you give it poison and illness will result, as well as a magnification and proliferation of that negative thought you had on your mind! Your thoughts shape your future! Thoughts have the same power as words and we know that words have the power of life and death.

A few months ago I heard these words in my sleep, Cut the slack! Cut the slack! Cut the slack! When I awoke I wasn’t sure what to cut, or where, so I just set out to make sure my life was in order, my office was in order and there were no lose ends, but I didn’t really “get it” until this morning. Cut the Slack = Cut the control that you allow the earthly mind to have. If you give it an inch, it will take a mile! So HEM IT IN! BRING IT DOWN! Take captive every noisy, demanding thought and corral the carnal mind inside the confines and control of your spirit who has the marching orders for the day and the Truth that sets and keeps you free, body, soul & spirit. That corral is the confines of morning & evening prayer to align yourself to live a Super Human Life! ~ Blessings Beyond Belief, Theresa Griffith

Theresa Griffith is a Certified Destiny Coach with prophetic one of a kind therapeutic treatments that help people get unstuck in life, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.