Pure Light (CD)

Pure Light - NEW COVER. C.A..png
Pure Light - NEW COVER. C.A..png

Pure Light (CD)


An Instrumental World Music Cd with the flavor of 8 countries.

Pure Light is used by people all over the world for:

  • Anxiety & PTSD
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress Relief
  • Pain
  • Birthing
  • Healing Rooms
  • Autism & ADD
  • Prayer
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World Music of seven different countries...

In the Summer of 2001, Pure Light was recorded LIVE in the stairwell of a light house in Michigan. From the base of the winding stairs a song begins to rise. One melody gives way to the next as we ascend a few more steps for each song. Evening comes. From within, the last solo reverberates upward and overflows to the outside world, as a lone bagpiper plays the final song in the top of the tower. The great light silently joins in as if to bless this gift of love to each of us on every shore, in every nation. Let the healing come.

Original recording done at the White River Light Station
Additional recording & mixing done in California, Ireland and Australia
Features 6 of Theresa's unique flutes, plus her new Celtic Lap Harp
Other Instrumentation: bagpipes, Irish fiddle, mandolin, Irish low whistle, piano, harp, guitar, didgeridoo and conch shell.

Imagine, if you will, an inner urging that sets your feet upon a pilgrimage. Your heart is battered and broken by the dark side of this life. The heaviness of your soul reminds you to travel light. In the morning, after many miles, you arrive on a shore. The day is warm, the sky blue, the waves gentle. Though it is beautiful, it is only a resting place. Peace comes in moving you on.

The road north leads to another shore. A lighthouse rises above the trees. Evening approaches and with it dense fog. The lighthouse, long symbolic of hope and guidance, suddenly bursts forth with it's great light. It's rays can be seen by those beyond our vision. The light is for them. But what of the pilgrims who come and stand in it's shadow? A message awaits for them also...

Other Instrumentation includes: Bagpipes, Irish Fiddle, Mandolin, Irish Low Whistle, Piano, Harp, Sitar, Guitar, Didgeridoo, and Conch Shell.