LIVE from Hollywood (MP3)


LIVE from Hollywood (MP3)

9.00 15.00

The DEEPEST Inner Healing Cd I have!

2 hours of Prophetic Healing Messages on 13 different flutes!

Recorded Live in Hollywood, not about Hollywood.

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LIVE from Hollywood is not your normal concert experience. Within this Healing Encounter Theresa plays six different flutes, Bamboo Sax, and Irish Harp and then sings the spontaneous love song of the Father to His Beloved Bride. Because she asks the Lord to play and sing through her, the power of His presence remains even for those who were not there for the LIVE event.

Track listing :

  1. Intro Song
  2. Demonstration of Instruments
  3. Welcome from Theresa
  4. VIP Invitation - Bass Flute
  5. The Rescue - C Flute
  6. Destiny Awaits - Native American Eagle Flute
  7. Wings to Fly - Double Penny Whistle
  8. Prize Rose - Celtic Lap Harp
  9. Justice! - Native American Dove Flute & Concow-Maidu Clap Stick
  10. Lifeline - Chinese Flute
  11. Freedom - C Flute
  12. Warrior Woman - Celtic Lap Harp
  13. 13. She's Got the Goods! - Bamboo Sax
  14. Judah's Wild Love Song - Double Penny Whistle