Personalized Autism CD

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Personalized Autism CD

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Peacefully recorded at 55 bpm which lowers heart rate and blood pressure bringing a sense of deep calm. When used at especially at bedtime this encouraging and affirming lullaby will renew the child's mind in who they are and that they are loved.

The music of My Peaceful Place with your child's specific characteristics sung into the lyrics and the photo and name as the cover of the CD. The purpose is to teach them what God thinks of them and how much they are loved, which heals their heart and renews their mind. 

This CD is recorded at 55 beats per minute which reduces the heart rate and blood pressure causing a sense of deep calm. Perfect for de-stressing or sleep. 

On the form attached for this items, please tell us about your child: 

  1. What is your child like, tell us their beautiful traits 
  2. Tell us who loves them and what the child calls each person 
  3. Tell us what your child loves to do (art, sports, anything) 

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