Tall Poppy Syndrome


Tall Poppy Syndrome

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The Tall Poppy Syndrome - Art Dept. Award of Merit 2011 and the story with it.

The Tall Poppy Syndrome
The class assignment for this painting was to 
do a painting inspiried by a famous artist. I 
chose 4 paintings from Georgia O'Keeffe and 
put them all into one abstract prophetic work.
(btw, the clouds are a literal rendition of one
of Georgia's paintings) 
I cried today in class as I explained my painting.
It represents a poppy who believes God can do
anything through them, so it reaches up to lay
hold of it's dreams & destiny. It believes the sky is the limit - as long as the sky reaches into heaven.
The other poppies could do the same, but many of them hold back because of fear or because they believe lies about themselves because of negative words that were spoken to them through the significant people in their lives. When they see the Tall Poppy excelling in their destiny, they sometimes become angry, because they are
reminded that they have not had the courage to lay hold of their destiny, like the Tall Poppy did, so they attack the tall one and pull it down to their level. This is especially common among siblings, but very much alive in the church as well. As I told this story in my class, I could feel the hearts of the students melt as the presence of the Lord came into the room to encourage them to reach up and overcome the lies that have held them back from their destiny.


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