Volume III - Issue II - Spring 2015

WOW!!! THE DREAMS are about to become a reality!!! Somebody Cares’ Restoration Ranch is within our grasp, but we only have until JUNE 5TH to raise the rest of the funds! PLEDGES & DONATIONS SO FAR: $1,154,742!!! Want to be a part of a “Miracle in the Making” and heal the hearts of your friends and family? Become a Donor and help us Renew Hope for the broken-hearted and the weary all over the world! 

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What began as a series of dreams is about to become a reality!!!

Somebody Cares’ Restoration Ranch is within our grasp, but we only have until JUNE 5TH to raise the rest of the funds!

Want to be a part of a “Miracle in the Making” and heal the hearts of your friends and family? Become a Donor (click here) and help us Renew Hope for the broken-hearted and weary all over the world!

January Sprouts New Blessings

Since January 1st I have been spending 2-4 hours a day in prayer because I feel such an anticipation of change ahead and I want to be ready for it. On January 29th I had an amazing experience while in prayer that I’ve only had one other time in my life and that was just before a major change emerged. As I was praying about the Restoration Center ranch I suddenly began having contractions from deep in my abdomen like I was giving birth. I was almost at the point of doubling over from the force of it. There was no pain, but loud wailing and tears that continued for over an hour. I’m normally the type of person that likes quiet prayer and solitude so this is highly unusual for me. I had the sense that it was a sign and a symbol that I was giving birth to this long awaited dream of the ranch, even “delivering” it, if you will. After this happened everything shifted for us and it was as if I had a sign painted on my head, YOU WANT TO BLESS ME! In fact, it started in early December when our landlord gave us Free Internet for Christmas, took over paying the gas bill and told us not to worry about the rent anymore! He said to just do our best and let the rest accumulate with no interest until we had made enough clients in our new city to pay the rent without stress!

February Blooms with New Life

I was painting with a friend with the simple goal of playing with color. We promised each other we would have no serious intentions of producing anything but pure joy, but at the end of the day I had a prophetic painting that people were wanting to purchase that very night! I was almost ready to sell it until my assistant, Rose showed me what appears to be a fetus emerging on the left side of the painting attached to an umbilical chord that is then attached it an emerging symbol of love. She also sees me near the upper right hand corner in the middle of a dream with angelic activity occurring above me. I named it Divine Emergence. Sounds like something “springing forth” to me.

And That’s Not All Folks!

More February Blossoms

I had been praying for restitution and restoration from the losses of the past and was given a revelation with Keys to Access the Kingdom!  As a result, February  kicked off with blessings that what would end up becoming an almost daily occurrence of unusual surprise blessings!

Examples: When it Rains, It Pours!

~ I ordered one bottle of essential oil, but received two duplicate packages. I called the company and they said, Just keep the extra bottle because of our error!

~ I placed an order for new business cards. Again, they made errors on my account and I received another box of cards through their error and they let me keep them all – a total of 1,000 cards for the low price of $7.99! I think you could safely say …. Restitution & Restoration have begun!

~ I went to a Thrift Shop looking for a frame for my new painting. I found one, but when I went to pay for it the clerk could not get her credit card processor to work so she said, “Just take it and pay us later!” What?!

~ Out of the blue, a lady paid for my exercise class.

~ A new friend bought my lunch and then…. gave me a $100 as a prophetic act of what she said was coming to Somebody Cares.

~ A total stranger called whose husband is a dentist. She also makes dental partials and said she wanted to pay my way down to San Diego, put me up in a hotel and make two partials for me to take care of two teeth I lost last year due to a dentists errors! Unbelievable restoration!

~ Another friend called and said she wanted to pay for me to go to an amazing herbalist who could help me prepare to go to Oregon in hopes that this time I could actually breathe there! And it worked!!

~ I was running out of time to prepare for a massage client and I began proclaiming out loud that my new secretary was going to report to work! No more doing the work of three people! About three hours later I received an email from a volunteer wanting to do the very things I needed done in the office! She was responding to an ad that was a year old!

~ I worked on tax receipts with the volunteer and guess what she found in the pile of receipts? A bank envelope with $60 in it!!!

~ Someone called and said they wanted our address to send us some money.

~ My former landlord called and asked to treat me to lunch.

~ Received a package in the mail filled with hundreds of dollars worth of health supplies.

~ Needed help getting the newsletter online. Posted the need on Facebook and immediately got two offers of help!

~ Returned some equipment to a thrift store because it didn’t work. We had a pile of office supplies we wanted to purchase which far outweighed what we brought back, but the manager said, Just keep the new stuff in an even trade!

~ Tried to renew my Costco membership and the clerk kept making errors. I pointed it out to her but she would not listen and said it was correct. Even the manager agreed with her, but in reality I not only paid NOTHING for it but was given a coupon good for $33 worth of goods!

~ A woman in a booth across the isle from my friend and I paid for our meal anonymously. I assume she did it because I was talking about how to access the Kingdom!

~ The manager at a restaurant in Oregon paid for meals for 3 of us when she heard that I had donated the entire month of April to helping their farmers! All This AND Encouraging Messages As Well! People keep calling and saying that they see us getting the ranch in a few short months of time. They all see us in a whirlwind of blessing that carries us straight to the ranch. They are even using the same wording and same analogies! Some of these people are complete strangers but are speaking the very things I received while in prayer!


You know, it’s not even about any of these blessings as much as I appreciate them, it’s really about the multiplication of blessings that have not stopped in five months, all after I had been specifically praying for restoration of past losses ~ No coincidence. This year, and especially this Spring will hold this same type of thing for anyone who has eyes to see it, so go after your dreams NOW! It’s not going to be like it used to be. Something has shifted. There’s New Hope on the Horizon for anyone who will believe and actively call it into being! 

This is a two hour teaching from a recent revelation that radically changed my life! As you read this newsletter you will see the continuous miracles that are the result of using the Kingdom Keys that I was given to access the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The Kingdom is within all of us, but we haven’t known how to access it. The Bible says that God has ALREADY given to us ALL things that pertain to life…. so why don’t we “have” them?

Because we don’t “see” into the Kingdom realm.
This teaching assists you to do this.
Available in hard copy or download as a gift
when YOU donate $35 for The Tall Poppy Ranch


The Road to the Ranch

When Rose and I began having dreams about the ranch back in 2012 up until this present time, all we knew was that God was going to give us a ranch where we could grow food, have a small orchard to be able to donate to those in need and be able to invite the broken-hearted to come and receive restoration. So we have searched for that ranch, not knowing exactly what it looked like. We have pursued several properties that appeared to be ones that fit the description, but those properties were sold. However, this has not moved us because we believed that if they were the right ones they would not have sold. Our present search takes us to a property that we are calling “The Castle.” This is one that I am brought to tears overtime I think of it, so …. we’ve already made an offer and signed the papers! What?! Omg!

Ok, let me explain. I was praying about it just a few weeks ago and I said, “God, I really need help and I need it now!” At that very moment a song came on my worship playlist and these are the words I heard: “Hang on! Help is on it’s way! I’ll be there as fast as I can!” I started to laugh out loud and then felt led to get up and look at my computer. There was an email from the Listing Agent saying he knew this property was supposed to be mine so he was drawing up the paperwork no matter if we had funds or not! The owner of the property also feels that it is ours so he is donating $700,000 off the price and most of the furniture! Then… the phone rang…. it was my mother in Oregon. She said, “Theresa…. you just got a check … for $50,000! So! With all that in mind, signing the papers was the only right thing to do!

Take a look! See it on ZILLOW or TRULIA.

Read more about 2125 McNell Road in Ojai, CA.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.23.27 PM.png

Our Charity Work so far this year:

January was spent Blessing the Blessers. Through your generous donations we were enabled to give many *free* and *discounted* treatments to leaders. These are people who lay down their lives to help others and rarely stop to rejuvenate themselves, so we did it for them. This is one of our favorite things to do because it multiplies how many people get helped in the end! One man had lost his wife, job and home and his five children were scattered among friends and relatives. We were able to bring hope and restoration and even provide dinner for him. We would love to be able to do even more as donations become available. He was in desperate need of our Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend.

Free Music – We love giving therapeutic music to relieve the pain of those we come across. Last year you enabled us to be able to give 184 CDs and so many free downloads we lost count! Not only that, but you provided the funds for us to give 24 bottles of precious pain relieving essential oils to those who would not have been able to afford them! That’s a LOT of relief!

Between therapeutic music, art and oils, as well as Free Therapeutic Massage Treatments, that’s a total well over $9,500 worth of relief! Thank you for your generous hearts in assisting us to care for so many! We are so honored and overjoyed to work hand in hand with you!

+ 5,693 Road Miles across 4 States for services in 12 Cities via our Mobile Relief Tours

 + 184 Gift CDs (for those in need)

 + 100s Free Music & Teaching Downloads (beyond count)

 + 100s Volunteer Hours (beyond count)

 + 25 Free Therapy Treatments (150 donated hours)

 + 15 Discounted Therapy Treatments (90 additional donated hours)

 + 24 Bottles of pain-relieving Oils

 + 14 Prophetic Art Posters

 + 10 Free Gourmet Dinners prepared and served

 + 10 Free Healing Concerts (including the Autism Assoc. of Palm Desert, CA & Black History Month Celebration in Ojai, CA)

 + 2 Benefit Concerts (Esthers’ Palace, a home for displaced women) and (Farmers in Oregon for the entire month of April to protect their farms against the Biotech industry)

Early Training: 1980s-1990s

> 1980 AA Degree with a Music Major Degree – Muskegon, Michigan

> Mid ’90’s: Elijah House & Theophostic (Greek translation: God’s Light) Counseling Training

Recent Training: 2011-2014

> Art Therapy – Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Corvallis, Oregon

> Creative Writing

> Screen Writing

> CPR & Emergency First Aid

> Massage Therapy CMT, developing a one of a kind treatment for body, soul and spirit transformation.

> Ojai Food Coop Steering Committee Member 2015


Double Training on All of the Following:

> Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

> Vibrational Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

> Healing Oils of the Bible

> Essential Oil Chemistry

> Applied Vitaflex with Oils

> Emotional Release with Essential Oils

> Autism Education Training

Hands-on Ministry: 1976-2015

> Healing Concerts in 12 Countries

> Reported Healings: Cancer, Fibromyalgia, tumors disappeared, Deafness, Ringing in Ears, 1 Wheelchair bound woman got up and ran, One walker assisted woman, Migraines, Sciatica, Autistic Improved, Insomnia, Depression, Broken Wrist Healed instantly, and many more.

Our desire and prayer has been to be in the ranch and pay our landlord back 100% by the end of May. Well, I just paid our landlord in full (over $7,000 and threw in interest as a gift!) Anything is possible to those who believe! God can do anything at anytime through anyone and we are excited to see the continued surprises He has up His sleeve! As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we happen to believe that outrageous faith births outrageous dreams.  We left everything and jumped off the cliff to change the world and bring relief to people suffering in body, soul and spirit and we have never lived at a time when that is needed more!

We also know that God uses people to accomplish those dreams and we would like to invite YOU to go on this wild journey of faith with us, to get in on the action at our most exciting time in 30 years! We welcome YOU to join us, right in the middle of “a miracle in the making,” by donating whatever you feel inspired to do. This is one of the most joyful causes you could be involved with because, not only will you make a difference in the lives of those suffering physically and emotionally, but will also know that you assisted families affected by Autism, farmers, abused women and many more, plus we are training up an army of future healers and helpers all over the world!

Thank You for Enabling us to Expand Our Scope of Blessing at Somebody Cares Relief
Our appreciation for your gifts in this campaign when we reach our goal

Level 1 Donations:

$35 or more – Kingdom Teaching- How to access the Kingdom Provision (this teaching has radically changed my life the past 5 months!

$50 or more – A Free CD or DVD of your choice

$300 or more – A Free Personal Destiny Treatment

$500 or more – A Free Personal Destiny Treatment plus a Two Hour Emotional Release Intensive

$5,000 or more – A Free Restoration Weekend at the ranch, complete with all of the above gifts and one of our Gourmet Artisan Gift Baskets.

Level 2 Donations:

The Following Donations constitute entire room donations in the castle! Everyone who donates a room will have the room named after them with a short story of their life for our guests to read!

$20,000 or more – Room Namesake, A Free Restoration Week, complete with all of level 1 gifts.

$50,000 or more – Room Namesake, A Free Restoration Week, plus a Professionally Recorded Destiny Song and all of Level 1 gifts.

$500,000 or more – Room Namesake, All of Level 1 gifts. plus a one week Restoration stay each year for the rest of your life

By Faith Frankenfield
Faith Frankenfield is a licensed esthetician, aromatherapist, beauty product developer and founder of Faith Aromatherapy based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Many people are doing a great job eating healthy and organic, eliminating foods that are detrimental for our health! The next step toward healthy living is to weed out makeup, bath products, skin care- even your deodorants or laundry detergents with toxins on the ingredient list. Our skin is amazing! Its one of the largest organs of our bodies and God created it as a protective barrier while that eliminates toxins through the sweat glands. Our skin also acts as a delivery system that can carry a product from its outer layers directly into the blood stream. The skin’s ability to do this is what spurred the manufacture of transdermal products that deliver active ingredients across the skin for systemic distribution. This can be a great thing if what you are using on your skin is good for you, but when a shower gel, lotion, or even your laundry detergent contains toxins it can be dangerous to our health.

Buying organic beauty products is a great way to remove pesticides from your body, and beyond that, eliminating beauty products containing toxic ingredients. Changing out your beauty products can get expensive- especially if you are a lotions and potions person (as my mother in law likes to call me)! I probably have just as many beauty products as I do clothes! So I like to take this step by step by eliminated the biggest culprits first. Check the labels of your top three leave on products and compare them to the hazardous ingredients list below. My top three leave on products are lotion, deodorant, and LAUNDRY DETERGENT. Why- laundry detergent you ask? Most laundry detergents contain phthalates, dyes, and harmful surfactants that don’t fully rinse out of your clothes which have direct contact with your skin 24/7. Changing your deodorant comes at a close second, as it is applied directly to the armpits over your lymph nodes. Your lymph delivers toxins to your kidneys for elimination. If your body has too many toxins, your lymph gets congested and the toxins become stagnant. Deodorants that are fragrance and aluminum free are the best for you. Next is to eliminate toxic body lotions, face creams and serums. These items contain delivery systems (like nanotechnology) meant to bring active ingredients to the deep layers of your skin, however if there are toxins in the ingredient list they will get carried into your blood stream and lymph. Once you eliminate your top three items, then focus on your face makeup and then your rinse off products. Below is the hazardous ingredient list that I use:


Synthetic Fragrances: (Listed as the word “fragrance” on your ingredient list) Cause asthma, allergies, neurotoxicity, and immune system damage according to the EU’s Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-food Products. Find products that use essential oils to naturally fragrance your products.

Pthalates: Commonly listed under the term “fragrance” on an ingredient list, or as Diethyl Phthalate (DEP), Galaxolide and Tonalide. Phthalates are hormone disrupters that can affect fertility and development.

PEG’s (Polyethelene glycol): PEGs come in various forms and have various functions, but mainly help stabilize products and enhance penetration of other ingredients. Releases 1,4 dioxane, a carcinogen, a skin irritant and toxic to organs. As it comes in many forms, the word PEG- will be in the ingredient list with a number or another word after it.

Butylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol: Used as a skin conditioning agent and viscosity (texture) builder or decreaser. Associated with contact dermatitis and is a known allergen, eye and lung irritant.

Triclosan: Commonly found in hand sanitizers and sanitizing hand soaps to kill bacteria, triclosan is a known carcinogen currently being evaluated by the FDA for its link to cancer, developmental defects, and liver toxicity.

Sulfates: Used in cleansers for foam and degreasing, this ingredient is commonly listed as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These ingredients cause eye irritation, labored breathing, and skin irritation. It is one of the most important ingredients to avoid for a person with acne.

DEA & TEA: Foam boosters that may be listed as Diethonolamine or Triethanolamine. Cause eye and skin irritation as well as contact dermatitis.

Parabens: Used as a preservative and labeled as Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, and Butylparaben. Cause endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, and immunotoxicity.

Formaldehyde Donors: Used as preservatives many times in combination with Parabens. Can be listed as Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Tosylamide, Polyoxymethylene Urea, DMDM Hydantoin, Quarternium-15, Dioxane, or Methenamine. Easily absorbed into the skin causing allergies, immuno-toxicity, and cancer.

Sunscreen Chemicals: Commonly labeled as Avobenzone, Benzphenone, Ethoxycinnamate, PABA, these chemicals generate free radicals that cause allergies, immuno-toxicity, and toxicity to the cells.

June 5th: DEADLINE for Funds to Purchase the Property (Pending location for The Tall Poppy Ranch in Ojai, CA)

July 26th: GRAND OPENING for THE TALL POPPY RANCH in Ojai, CA (Proposed)

August 1st – 30th:  Michigan Tour (Multiple Locations; Bookings Available)

August 29th: Night of Miracles (6:00 p.m. at the Open Arms Church, 33015 7 Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48152)

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