Volume II - Issue II - November 2014


Founder's Holiday Greeting

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! FINALLY! After six months of waiting, I arrived back home in Ojai, Ca on July 27th – over six months since the day I began my leap of faith. This journey has been so complicated I can’t even keep up with it, let alone my friends and family, so let me give you a quick summary.

Once Upon A Time About two years ago my associate, Rose and I began to have dreams (with extensive detail) about God giving Somebody Cares a ranch so we could help more people. The function of this ranch would continue the therapies we’ve been doing since 1984, the Therapeutic Music, Restoration Concerts, Verbal Encouragement, Financial Gifts & Health Referrals, Prophetic Messages, Personal Destiny Songs and Mentoring Weeks, but now will include our latest therapies – Massage Therapy with the use of Therapeutic Essential Oils and Emotional Release Sessions.

Future Plans are also to use the ranch for sustainable community meetings that will focus on food, water, bartering and other methods of surviving the economic crisis that is on the horizon. We actually already practiced this when we were located in N. California. We were so involved in the vitality of the community that National Geographic visited us and said they were interested in using us as the model business in their 2010 issue on sustainable community businesses. The sad part was the our whole business came crashing down in December ’09 due to a family tragedy.

From Tragedy To Triumph! After the loss of my health, home, car and many sentimental belongings due to the crash mentioned above, I began to rebuild my life thanks to the miraculous intervention of God through our generous donors. In just three short years I repaid the $75,000 debt I was left with, bought a car, went back to school for art, acting, creative writing, essential oil therapy, emotional release therapy and massage therapy, bought a home/ministry residence, remodeled it on a dime and sold it with a profit of over seven times what I paid for it. Not only that, but I was able to leave Oregon (the place of my recovery) and move back to California where I set up a new location that was immediately embraced by the community.

The Rental Location of 2013

I loved our initial facility in Ojai, CA., but the lease was only until January 12th. It then appeared that we would move right into the ranch thanks to the offer of a fundraising volunteer. However family challenges forced our kind volunteer to have to depart so we were left stranded at the last minute. I was forced to store everything in a POD except for three office related suitcases and a few clothes, not knowing how long I would be in limbo. I fought through confusion of the unknown, the chaos of trying to run a world wide company out of my car and the isolationism of temporary lodging in the desert.  In the end, however, we made vital contacts all along the journey as I came full circle and arrived back home to Ojai, CA.

First Location in Ojai Link:

Video: Theresa Griffith’s R&R Station

The Desert – Literal & Spiritual After spending four months in the literal and spiritual desert I was joined by my friend Rose, who has now become an assistant with Somebody Cares. We then went on tour for two months doing Prophetic Emotional Release Massages in N. California and Oregon with a stop in Vancouver, Wa for a Restoration Concert and several therapeutic sessions. Before that concert the Lord told me I would meet a lady there that would help us lay hold of the ranch and sure enough! After the concert a lady came up to me who volunteered her assistance. Her areas of expertise? FUND RAISING, GRANT WRITING, NON-PROFIT MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS PLANNING and MORE!

Fast Forward to Today – We have rented a temporary facility near Ojai, CA, and found our potential permanent property! The unfolding of this MIRACLE IS HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES! And YOURS!! Matching details of our dreams and visions more than any property viewed to date! This property, Villa Felice, (which means Happy House, by the way) comes fully loaded! Among our biggest requirements are fruit trees and this property features : 2 Pink Grapefruit, 3 Tangerine, 2 Navel Oranges & 2 Valencia, 2 Asian Pear, 2 Persimmon, 2 Cherry, 3 Apple, 1 Mulberry, 4 Plum, 4 Olive and enough Rosemary bushes to make essential oil!

Villa Felice at 12460 Linda Flora Drive in Ojai, CA. Click HERE to view !

Pool area also functions as an outdoor amphitheater for Therapeutic Concerts

Wild & Wonderful Adventures! We happen to believe that outrageous faith births outrageous dreams. We also know that God uses people to accomplish those dreams and we would like to invite you to go on this wild journey of faith with us! We left everything and jumped off the cliff to change the world and bring relief to people suffering in body, soul and spirit. And you can actually be right in the middle of this miracle by donating whatever you can to help. Even the money equivalent to one Mocha Cappuccino every month by a bunch of wild lovers like yourselves could make a world of difference! And for those who have the ability and opportunity to give several hundred dollars we will turn right around and donate a Spa Day featuring my one of a kind, hour and a half Prophetic Massage Session, complete with Personal Destiny Song at the end – not to mention the gourmet meal serenaded with my wild tour stories! Omg! Ha!

In Summary:
Just a few weeks ago I had a dream where I was in a bus with an invisible driver (Holy Spirit). He drove off a cliff and the bus went up like an airplane. I looked down from the air and knew – I was going home! I broke into intense wailing and shouting, “I’m going HOME! I’M GOING HOME! THANK YOU JESUS! Then I had the dream a second time that same night! When I awoke I could still feel my spirit surging within me! (When you have a dream repeated it means that it is firmly established that it will happen.) The summary? We’re goin’ home Baby! Home to work and serve and give and bring relief. Need some relief ? Come on down! We’ll keep the front porch light on for you.



A Great Idea For De-Stressing & Refreshing During The Holidays

What could be more ideal than a relaxing, rejuvenating massage after you have just “shopped ’til you dropped?” Let Theresa take all that weariness out of your aching feet!

We’ve prepared a delightful day for you whether you’re interested in a Ladies Holiday Shopping Spree, a Couples Day Out without the kids or just a quiet day of solitude to recharge your mind from it’s daily challenges.

Imagine yourself on a leisurely drive along the California Coastline with the quaint town of Ojai as your destination. Upon arrival, you wander blissfully through the eclectic downtown shops during the splendor of the morning hours and then feast on a gourmet lunch from one of many “Farm To Fork” restaurants. Once your appetite has been nurtured you head back out for another adventure. Maybe even an exhilarating hike up the pristine mountain trails that surround the majestic Ojai Valley. When your feet begin to let you know it’s time to go, you head over to the doorstep of Somebody Cares Relief and are welcomed in with the scent of Peppermint & Cinnamon luring you into the tea room. Or, if tea is not your thing we can serve up a Peppermint Mocha in a warm colorful mug? Oh, and you won’t be able to resist our organic, gluten free, guiltless goodies to go with it?

Our plan is to tailor make this day of refreshment especially for you and your needs so you will return recharged and encouraged to continue being the very best you can be.

Building Joy And Resilience Amidst Holiday Stress

Winter weather can draw people closer together as they seek shelter indoors in the home and community and celebrate meaningful shared beliefs and memories recanted as stories and songs. For many people, however, this season of joy may be marked with significant losses, challenging family dynamics, seductively obligatory overeating, materialistic demands, stressed crowds, and overwhelmed senses. We want to take this opportunity to share strategies for building joy and resilience to get through this time of year.

Sleep, nutrition and digestion are the fundamental building blocks affording our cellular bodies to ready, repair and restore healing. Our bodies including our cells respond to our thoughts and intentions. When it comes to our health, Maintaining gratitude really counts!

Quality music is an amazing environmental aid bringing soothing for a restful night and stimulation for a wakeful morning.  Theresa’s hope has always been to produce music that would assist people in all aspects of life. Check out two of our popular albums for excellent support during the holidays, whether you need soothing dinner music to help promote good digestion, relaxing music to help you sleep after an exhausting day, or peaceful, loving melodies to relieve the stress of relational difficulties. Through research Theresa found that music recorded at 55-65 beats per minute has been scientifically proven to lower the heart rate and blood pressure.  More than a song collection, the music on these albums was created to bring therapeutic restoration for your heart and life. Maybe that’s why Utopia (CD) continues to be a top seller all over the world! (Album Sample).

Peace For You at Christmas brings Theresa’s smooth jazz vocals and instruments together with the incredible Jim Martinez on piano and Barry Phillips, who worked with Paul McCartney, on cello. (Album Sample)  You may just find yourself wanting to play it all year!

“Christmas time hasn’t always been easy for me, but this CD soothes me and brings a sense of peace to get through the holidays.” – Rose

In the realm of nutrition and digestion, we want to guard against unhealthy patterns from the constant pressure to take shortcuts, rush through or skip meals. Setting aside time to consciously prepare and digest meals, to relax and stretch can help us feel our best so we can enjoy the holidays without the side effects unhealthy choices may bring. Chewing food slowly supports effective enzyme action for overall health.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are another great resource in this season.  (Click here to visit our essential oils page).  Did you know that the smell of Peppermint Oil before meals can help people feel “full” sooner?  It promotes digestion and soothes indigestion if you take a drop after a meal, too.  People managing their weight may face extra challenges around this time of year.  Thankfully, there are essential oils that may help reduce temptation, soothe nerves and curb cravings – such as Sandalwood, Bergamot, and Grapefruit.  Rosemary oil has received attention as an aid to memory.  For those who are in mourning, Lavender Oil is noted for bringing peace and comfort. Thyme and Cypress may further aid the flow and processes of letting go and adjusting during times of transition. Basil is regarded for renewal. Citrus oils such as Orange, Lemon, Tangerine and Lime can enhance your mood, cheer and zeal for life.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.59.44 PM.png

Breathing – we all do it, yet we often take for granted how vitally important it is, ensuring oxygen reaches your body’s organs including the brain.  Our bodies suffer if we don’t get enough of it when we are stressed.  Every organ suffers damage when we’re stressed.  That’s why soothing music is so important – it causes us to deep breathe.  When you feel stressed – STOP right then and take a deep breath.  If you can, pause and hold your breath for about twenty seconds and then let it out slowly.  With each inhale and exhale think on things that are positive, life-giving, and healing.  Like how much you are loved by God. Picture the truth about where you really are – always in His arms! Ahhhh…. Just the thought of that picture will cause a deep breath.  Don’t miss out on all the wonderful seasonal blessings at hand such as the earthly scents of Pine and Cedarwood, the sounds of jingle bells resonating, and the chance to celebrate life.  Cheers!

“The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you!”
– Joyce Meyer

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.59.44 PM.png

Testimonials On Tour:

 …..Frozen Shoulder Freed Up during session (brought me to tears!)
…..Woman with no cartilage in knees and bad gait walked completely normal after session and she danced out of the room with her face beaming!
…..79 yr. old woman began dreaming of activities before the massage was even finished. I’m going to go dancing again! I think I’ll volunteer for Hospice again! I feel so young!
…..83 yr. old broke into singing and prayers of love and thanksgiving to God at the end of her song and treatment. The next day she was walking without her cane and was standing erect and tall for the first time in years!
…..A woman was weeping during her song at the end of her session and suddenly convulsed from the abdomen. She said, What was that?! We just uprooted a lie you’ve believed since childhood, I said. Wow! I had no idea! I can’t wait to tell everyone!
…..Look Theresa! I can move my arm and there is no pain!

Reviews From Professionals:

Theresa’s caring, comforting touch, coupled with her intuitive abilities to know what the client needs along with the essential oils and her healing voice results in a incredibly blissful, therapeutic session. ~ Gail Hunter, LMP, FCCI, CRHC

Your Sacred Alignment Treatment is AMAZING! It felt like you’ve been massaging for twenty years! And your music is BEAUTIFUL! ~ Susana Belen, Owner, We Care Spa, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Melody comes through your hands! Your treatment is MAGNIFICENT!  You are not a massage therapist. You are Healer using massage strokes. Oh the gift of God through you is beyond words! ~ Jan Reason, Jan’s Therapeutic Massage, Tai Chi, & Chigong Ojai, CA

My massage from Theresa was a deeply healing and magical experience. Theresa is a gifted healer who puts her whole self into her massage sessions. She utilizes essential oils, custom blended to enhance the massage experience. She is dedicated to her work and integrates her singing talents into her treatments to create a overall profound healing experience. Theresa is an intuitive, natural healer. The client leaves feeling renewed on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.~Jamie Roth, Director Ojai School of Massage

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Where Can I Fit In?
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Your donations make a huge impact in the lives of individuals, families, and communities through the intense work of this hands-on ministry:

Your Gift of $10 can provide
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for a person suffering physical, emotional and financial distress who could not afford it
a Therapeutic Music CD featuring Theresa’s soothing, encouraging music
addressing pain relief, relaxation and other benefits.

Your Gift of $25 can provide
a Therapeutic Music CD featuring Theresa’s soothing, encouraging music specially formatted and designed for
Children with Special Needs to a Family and their Child(ren) in need
a Half-Off Certificate for a Life-Giving Emotional Release Intensive session for
a person in desperate need of restoration & hope.

Your Gift of $100 can provide
aid through our Benevolence Fund for
a person in great need to access timely medical treatment
a Half-Off Certificate for a Custom Therapeutic Massage treatment
with a Personal Destiny Song for a transformative
mind-body-spirit lift to a person in need.

Your Gift of $250 can provide
Physical & Emotional Relief through
a Full R&R Spa Day including a 1 and 1/2 Hour Custom Therapeutic Massage,
2 oz Bottle of a uniquely-personalized Custom Essential Oil Blend,
a Therapeutic Music CD featuring Theresa’s soothing, encouraging Music,
a Gourmet Lunch in the quaint village of Ojai with Theresa, and
a healthy afternoon refreshment.
Your Gift of $500 or More can help us
get to the next level for acquiring The Tall Poppy Ranch
which will afford greater capacity than ever before
to encourage, empower and mentor people at
The Villa Felice (Happy House) Tall Poppy Ranch in Ojai, CA.

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