Our bodies respond to the language of music and tender touch.  In recent years, through prophetic insight, Theresa developed a unique massage technique that brings the spirit, soul and body together in a way that affords tremendous release and resolve to those who experience her sessions.

The benefits of massage itself are amazing, and then when you add Theresa’s scientifically based music and her soothing maternal voice singing comforting words of love and affirmation, the end result can be life-changing.

Physical Benefits OF MASSAGE

Relaxes body, stimulates parasympathetic systems, calms nerves, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate, stretches connective tissue, reduces tension headaches, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, increases range of motion, releases endorphins, expedites metabolic waste elimination, improves skin and muscle tone, reduces tension, strengthens the immune system, and more.

Emotional Benefits

Increases mind-body-spirit connections, reduces anxiety, promotes self awareness, reveals areas where emotions may be impacting organs and other body parts, improves self-image, and more.

Mental Benefits

Reduces stress, promotes quality sleep, induces relaxation, increases productivity, and more.

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