Theresa Griffith combines her talents, gifts, insights and techniques to promote restoration and relief for people who suffer, healing the heart and human spirit.  An internationally known flutist, performer and recording artist, she integrates massage, sound and aromatherapy for stress relieving and spiritual aligning treatments.  Her specialty is therapeutic music which has gained her recognition in the medical community for use in pain and stress management, massage therapy, birthing, hospice, and a host of other health modalities.  She also has music that specifically addresses autism, ADD/ADHD, trauma recovery and wellness.  Five of her CDs are used therapeutically.

Theresa brings her prophetic insight and techniques to promote restoration and relief for people suffering. Employing a holistic, integrated, multi-sensory approach to wellness, Theresa shares her gifts and insights to boost physical, emotional and spiritual relief at the cellular level, assisting and empowering people to identify the root and the heart of the matter so they can find freedom, release, balance and wellness.  Laying a strong foundation through healthy, informed lifestyle choices yields many benefits and she loves to inspire and support the best for you in your journey.  Theresa’s inspiring and motivational message and therapies shift the spirit by removing hindrances that prevent the receiver from moving into their life purpose and destiny.  Connecting with destiny puts everything in perspective!

She offers:

Theresa Is Available As A Special Guest For Events, Classes,
And Personalized Specialty Treatments