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We believe wholeness and health can only be found by aligning the body, soul and spirit and that neglecting one of those elements results in dis-ease of the whole being. As a result, we address all three parts of the client and assist them to find balance and wellness. When addressing illness in the body, we immediately look to the emotional roots, ask God to expose the misconceptions of childhood that weakened the body, then ask Him to reveal the Truth that sets them free. Even though this is our focus, we also like to provide literature from qualified medical professionals that may help in the clients research. We do not diagnose or advise clients on matters relating to illness. We are a referral agency for natural medicine and are a guide to lead them to medical professionals that are on the cutting edge of treatment for their particular issue.

We rarely promote health products unless we have scientific evidence that it is worthy of our promotion. One such product is Protandim because it counteracts oxidative stress in the body which addresses aging & illness. We have first hand experience with it as well as their True Science facial products and highly recommend them!

Quote: In one month on the True Science face cream, a very large brown spot on my forehead disappeared completely! After my second month on the cream, as well as adding in the Eye Serum, people began commenting on my lack of wrinkles and after taking a closer look in the mirror - sure enough! I had 70% less wrinkles around my eyes! I was so amazed, I decided to tell my clients! ~ Theresa Griffith

If you see what it can do for animals, you'll have an idea of what it can do for you.  Zamora, the Horse is the most beautiful and touching story of an  old horse getting a chance to reverse the aging process and be free of pain! WATCH ZAMORA'S STORY!

They only gave Zamora 1/2 a tablet for 3 days and she was reborn! I cry every time I see her story!!!

Another story I love is Zoe, the dog. She was lifeless and unable to run or play. Get some tissue ready and then look what happened to her after Protandim!  Watch Zoe's Story!

Protandim has helped people reduce or get independent of their drugs. I've seen the Autistic respond very well and make huge improvements. I've seen seniors with Dementia begin to think clearly again!

Listen to what Donnie Osmond has to say about it's ability to reverse the aging process. (Fast Fwd to 2:42 into the video) DONNIE OSMOND STORY

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Age doesn't have to be an issue anymore!