This morning I was awakened with the words above! I’ve been seeing this for several months now, but this morning I heard it like a Clarion Call blasting into the atmosphere! The Lord said that He is the One that is inspiring Hollywood to produce the Super Hero movies because He is trying to wake up His people to their true calling. He thinks His church is beautiful, but she is asleep to the supernatural aspects of her destiny for the most part. He said, it is PAST TIME for Sleeping Beauty to awaken from her slumber and report to the front lines for active duty!

Our Father is not worried about the state that the world because He has a plan. He’s going to get His kids to fix it, but until they awaken to the fact that they are indeed Invincible Super Humans, it will remain broken. 

I lost everything in 2010, but it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Why? Because it thrust me through the birth canal and into the Real World of the Kingdom, where anything is possible. I had to learn how to live inside the Kingdom full time or I wasn’t going to make it. He taught me how to download everything I needed in a supernatural way. My bills were paid by complete strangers, even by non-Christians. All my needs were met in this way, including my desires. I would have a longing and it would appear on my doorstep the next morning!

I had been a Prophetic Musician who traveled the world, but I was so sick I couldn’t travel anymore, so I had to reinvent myself in my weak state. So I went back to school and became a  Prophetic Artist over night to the point that I could see the lines on the page beforeI drew them! I became a Supernatural Therapist overnight. Why?  Because I needed a miraculous healing! Suddenly, my eyes were opened to a one of a kind treatment that came through over 60 visions. I’ve seen brain damage, cancer and MS healed in one session. 

My point is this. I am only a Demo! An Example to open people’s eyes to what is possible inside the Kingdom! What do you long to do but didn’t think you had the money or the ability? Stop thinking like an Earthling! You are not of this world! You are the offspring of the King! You have the Mind of Christ and can tap into it to get innovative ideas that have never been seen on the face of the earth before!

Stop crying about the doors that are shutting! They must shut if the new door is to open! Shut doors are cause for celebration! Stop crying about problems! There is no such thing as a problem inside the Kingdom! “Problems are the impetus to propel you into the new thing God wants to do through you! I would never have re-invented myself if I didn’t have to! 

There is no such thing as lack inside the Kingdom. Lack is the jet fuel of dreams! If you didn’t have an urgent need for change, would you look for it? Problems and lack are the squeezing of the birth canal that bursts us into the higher call. And that call cannot wait any longer! The world is waiting for us to explode onto the scene with the answers that have been germinating inside us our whole lives!

Wake up Sleeping Beauty! The night is past, the Son has come up and He is shinning His Light on the Super Human thing you were born to do. You know what it is - it’s the thing that bugs you most about the things around you. That’s the proof that you were created to be the answer to  the “problem.”  Stop gazing at the problem and look up into Papa’s eyes, listen for His Voice and expect Him to share His Mysteries with you. If you have the mind of Christ, you are wiser than Solomon and you can use it! You were born for this day for a reason. Report for duty!

Those that know their God will be strong and do exploits (the things that Hero’s do).  Daniel 11:32

It has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom.  Luke 8:10

And I heard the Lord's voice, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, "Here I am. Send me!”   Isaiah 6:8