I had a Visitation from God about YOU!

In this encounter I saw you as a baby being carried by the Lord. You were kissing Him all over His face and He was enraptured by your love. He paraded you down the isle of a large church that was full of people as if He was showing off his intimacy with you. Then He walked the front of the church and then up the other isle. And all the while, He was consumed with only you, and His relationship with you. But He wanted everyone to know that you and He had an intense relationship. He said that He wanted to prove to you that you and He have a history of intimacy since you were a baby. That when you suffered, He actually came for you, no matter what you remember happening. The pain you endured caused you to forget that He came for you and provided a way of escape. He always does, but the pain is so noisy, it shouts over His still small voice of Love. He said the proof that He came for you is that you are in fact, a spirit, that is only housed in a body. And when you were traumatized, He came and took your spirit into the Kingdom where you were safe. So your spirit - the REAL YOU was kept pure, undamaged and unharmed through everything you suffered as a child.

The other part of the visitation was that He wants you to know that He is about to show your relationship with Him off to the church and the world! He is so proud to call you His Bride and He wants everyone to know how He feels about you too!

He gave me the example of my own parents who just renewed their vows after 67 years of marriage. My "shy" father was so enthralled with my mothers' beauty as she came down the isle, that he came out of his shell to show his intense love for her with a passionate kiss and a passionate profession of his love for her!

Wake up Sleeping Beauty! It's time for you to come on the scene! Cinderella! The Prince of Peace is coming to rescue you from the low position you've been in; the poverty, the pain and the disappointment. Rejoice! Your cries have been heard! It's your turn and you day!

He told me to tell you that He knows you sometimes think you're not good enough, or that you don't think you ARE enough, but He said He wants to let you know that whatever you feel you lack, He makes up for it. So if you let that feeling go and let Him fill in the gap, you get to enjoy your life again and He gets to act like God, which is always nice, right?!