Aurora Borealis in Memory of Karen Sansone


Aurora Borealis in Memory of Karen Sansone

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Restoration! That’s what this eagle messenger is bringing. It’s already been sent for all of us. The losses we had are being restored NOW, yet we often still miss them. Why? Because the lies we believe since childhood blind us to them. God is speaking and leading us to the answers and the promises, yet we don’t have them. Why? The lies we’ve believed since childhood scream louder than God’s voice so we can’t hear Him! He is ALWAYS speaking and trying to lead us to the Truth that sets us free. 

God ALWAYS answers every single prayer you pray. And He sends the answer BEFORE you call. He knows what you need before you ask. So next time you wonder why God is not answering or why is is “silent,”  instead ask yourself and God what are the lies you believe that are blocking you from seeing and hearing the Truth of His extravagant loving kindness. 

The Evidence

Isaiah 65:24 Before you call He answers.

Hosea 4:6  We perish because of a lack of knowledge. 

Luke 12:32  It is the Father's good pleasure to GIVE you the Kingdom

2 Peter 1:3  He has given to you ALL things that have to do with LIFE & godliness

2 Chronicles 12:9  The eyes of the Lord search everywhere trying to find someone who He can show Himself strong to!

Ps. 23:1  Because He is the Good Shepard, you don't have any need. You already have everything you need!

Malachi 3:10  Ask Me and see if I won't pour you out a blessing you can't contain.

1 Corinthians 2:9  It hasn't even entered your heart or mind the things I've prepared for you.

Isaiah 30:18  He longs to be gracious to you.

Psalm 84:11  No good thing will He withhold from those who love Him!

Philippians 4:19  He will generously supply and fill you full of everything you need according to His glorious riches!

Matthew 6:33  Seek first the King and His Kingdom and everything else will be added to you.

Luke 11:13 He knows how to give good gifts to His children. (He’s not stingy!)
Psalm 12:11 He will show you the path of life. At His right hand are pleasures forever!

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